The Melcion team is a group of 4 partners, based in France, dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs by playing the role of Trusted Advisors.

Our mission is to help Entrepreneurs :

  • succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures
  • remain in control of their own destiny

We have developed over the years a specific knowledge about Entrepreneurs, and have a thorough understanding of their needs, the way they behave and the kind of challenges they usually face. We advise clients who run companies at various stages of business maturity; some are at a start-up stage, many have been in business for a number of years or decades, others are already preparing to transmit or exit. Each Melcion partner is the advisor of about 30 Entrepreneurs, so we have approximately 120 active clients.

We play the role of a sounding board to help our clients address any subject or matter that might affect their business success such as:

  • shareholding and capital structure
  • business model, strategy, marketing
  • organization, development, hiring
  • financing, planning
  • management, negotiations, strategic partnerships

We advise “individuals” and not “businesses”. We care for building long term relationships based on trust, and try to avoid any kind of conflict of interest with them.

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