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Melcion, Chassagne & Cie is an association that has supported Entrepreneurs for 25 years. It offers simple, long-term consulting support on the subjects that are important to you and according to a remuneration that you yourself define freely.

Above all, our participation is based on a somewhat less common definition of Entrepreneurship, one linked to the desire to be an Entrepreneur and the need for autonomy. Starting from this notion very often makes it possible to better understand oneself as an Entrepreneur, and also in turn, to better help and advise the key actors of an Enterprise.


Currently our know-how is at the service of 3 key audiences of today's Entrepreneurship:


You feel like you need a boost, maybe take a step back to gain perspective, or perhaps you’re are going through a challenging period: The Melcion team will take an empathetic look at your Entrepreneurial experience and help you to develop your business.

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Trusted advisors

You want to assist Entrepreneurs: Join the Melcion team of Trusted Advisors. Learn from our methodology and experience to better understand Entrepreneur profiles so that you can then assist them as part of an active and supportive community.

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You are looking for intermediaries with expertise in business and Entrepreneurial consulting: Melcion knows about the problems of both SMEs and large organizations, as well as your needs. We offer to be the link for everyone’s success.

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