Becoming a
Trusted Advisor

You are already helping Entrepreneurs to develop their businesses but want to deepen your understanding of their functioning, of their potential. . What if it’s time you became a Trusted Advisor?

Discover Melcion training courses and become a trusted advisor.

At Melcion, Chassagne & Cie, we share our knowledge and approach to Entrepreneurship to enable you to, foster it, in turn, foster it in your specific area as well as internationally.

You can become a Trusted Advisor at Melcion, Chassagne & Cie and manage your own clientele. You counsel your clients by relying on the specifics of our organization. We offer you a model and an umbrella brand and a training.

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Why join Melcion?

At Melcion, Chassagne & Cie, we like to say that we have everything to gain by helping Entrepreneurs, and we understand that sometimes it’s difficult to go it alone. What we can bring to the table is:

 This approach only reveals its importance the moment you resist the temptation of “taking the wheel,” to act, of assuming the place of the Entrepreneur you wish to help. Because yes, this temptation is always great for an Entrepreneurial spirit―we know you!


  • A better knowledge of the role of Entrepreneur:, And thus sometimes of yourself, which is conducive to a better personal balance.
  • Solitude management: Our weekly meetings with Advisors to discuss the most sensitive cases are a good way to break the isolation. contacts made, contributions to your address book of experts, etc. In addition, they contribute to  a relationship enrichment through the diversity of profiles encountered in different sectors of activity,
  • Anticipating developments: Exchanging views with several people is also an opportunity to detect emerging trends and future difficulties, and thus to prepare for them in advance.

Melcion Training (Level 1)

In order to provide you with training, but also to pass on our know-how more widely (for example to people active within an incubator, a business accelerator, a CCI or even to consultants, chartered accountants, auditors, lawyers, public service agents, etc.), we have developed the Melcion training.

It takes place over 6 months, at a rate of 6 hours per week (including 3 hours of personal work). 

Together we tackle several topics and the most recurrent questions posed by Entrepreneurs and, of course, how to answer them with the help of our experience and our network of experts.

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You will return to the foundations of an Entrepreneur’s identity, which will help you to better understand his or her expectations, to sense their comfort zone and those toward which they need to be accompanied to better explore them.