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You work as part of an administration, a bank, an insurance group, or work as a chartered accountant, for a consulting firm, etc. Perhaps you are looking for a contact to help bring light to your decision-making concerning Entrepreneurs?

Melcion, Chassagne & Cie stands as a most suitable intermediary.

The trust placed in us is rooted in our associative status and in our atypical compensation modality, which ensure our independence.

Our suitability is based on our experience: 25 years of observing Entrepreneurs through the same prism, a rare consistency in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Why the Melcion Team?

  • We have been guiding and supporting Entrepreneurs for over 25 years, without giving in to trends. Today, our experience allows us to benefit from the necessary hindsight, from a global and coherent view of the Entrepreneur identity.
  • We work with many large schools:  ESSEC, HEC, ESCP, X, Centrale Supelec, among others.
  • We generate content that is recognized and valued by Entrepreneurs. For our seminars, conferences and workshops, for our book and our weekly reports on social media, 
  • We have a base of “best practices” and are aware of the problems currently faced by Entrepreneurs. This finger on the pulse of the Entrepreneurial reality can help you target and adjust the support systems you are responsible for designing and piloting for companies.
  • Finally, we know how to decipher words and trends: we can help you clarify certain speeches in the context of your action.

These organizations have already worked with Melcion, Chassagne & Cie: