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Are you having difficulty getting your business off the ground, taking it to the next level, or simply having a bit of a tough time managing the day-to-day of your Entrepreneurial adventure?

What if this is the right time to take a step back and try to answer a key question: what is it to be an Entrepreneur?

Go ahead and ask yourself this question, because from our experience, this exercise is often the key to a renewed approach to your desire to undertake.

Focus on the Melcion, Chassagne & Cie method, tried and true for 25 years with hundreds of advised Entrepreneurs worldwide…

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The Entrepreneur, according to Melcion, Chassagne & Cie

Despite the profound evolution of the business world over the past 30 years, the definition of an Entrepreneur remains a constant for us. A vision inherited from the ’70s and already formulated by 2 researchers. According to them, an Entrepreneur is defined by two essential characteristics:

A constant desire to undertake and to take the initiative on a permanent basis
The need to keep control over one's destiny, of over one's personal career trajectory

This approach is far from the common understanding that associates the idea of “Entrepreneur” with the notion of “risk-taking,” adventure-seeking or significant financial gains. So, for us, someone behind a start-up isn’t necessarily an Entrepreneur, while an employee could very well be one without knowing it!

More to the point

An Entrepreneur is never satisfied with routine. He or she needs constant challenges, and this permanent dissatisfaction pushes them to innovate constantly.

Because we have been practicing Entrepreneurship for over 30 years, we understand your expectations. Our expertise is expressed during our meetings: we listen to you, share with you our experiences on similar subjects and entrust you with the questions that we believe are relevant to ask.

I would like to take advantage of Melcion’s consulting

Our expertise is also reflected in project management assistance: we help you find the expert contacts you need, and design and execute your strategic projects.

Melcion’s Entrepreneur Consulting

Melcion, Chassagne & Cie is a team of “Trusted Advisors” dedicated to guiding and supporting Entrepreneurs. This mission has been going on for more than 25 years and is specifically based on three pillars:

  • Guidance and support over time: At the rate of a monthly meeting or more, according to your needs, over several years. The key is in the long-term commitment and in addressing the professional or personal points that matter to you at the moment they arise in your daily life.
  • Adaptation: Whether you are the head of a small or large organization, based in France or abroad, your Melcion Advisor stands ready to counsel you. This flexibility is expressed even through the compensation plan, which is at your discretion: you decide the amount of our fees.
  • Expertise: Because we have been doing Entrepreneurship for over 30 years, in France and around the world, we understand your expectations. Our expertise is expressed during our meetings: we listen to you, share with you our experience on similar topics, and entrust you with the questions that we feel are relevant to ask.

Our expertise also translates into project management assistance: We help you find the expert contacts you need, and design and execute your strategic projects. He therefore does not move forward blindly, but consolidates his bases, argues his projections and secures his financing: all this, in order to always be able to keep control of his project, and by extension, of his personal destiny.

What a Melcion Advisor can do for you

Over the span of 25 years, we have been able to observe the concrete contributions of long-term consulting. The benefits vary depending on the Entrepreneur, but these are some of the gains we’ve seen time and time again:


By recognizing yourself in a definition of Entrepreneur that resonates with you, by feeling understood and, in a sense, strengthened in your role and your way of thinking differently.


Take advantage of an outside, neutral and sympathetic look at your activity, your operation, or your ideas. The exchange is a form of emulation for an Entrepreneur.

Collective expertise

Through ongoing exchanges between Advisors, you benefit from the experience of thousands of cases previously handled by Melcion, and have access to an address book of specialists.

Relief from the double solitude of the Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is both lonely and misunderstood because he or she is socially different. Deciding to have a Melcion Advisor by your side―someone who respects your leadership―will help in reducing the tension of decision-making and in getting you out of the isolation that the Entrepreneurial approach puts you in.